ONLINE CERTIFICATE COURSE: Agriculture for Administrators

Certificate Course in Agriculture for Administrators (AFA-MOOCs)
Structure & Contents

The programme has 19 courses and will be offered in three months.:

  1. Role of Agriculture in Rural Development
  2. Agricultural Extension Service With a Focus On ATMA and Public Private Partnership
  3. Extension Methods in Agriculture: Traditional approaches to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  4. State and Centre sponsored flagship Agricultural Development Programs
  5. WTO and its implications on Agriculture
  6. Agro-climatic conditions and suitability of crops
  7. Dryland Agriculture and Rainwater Harvesting
  8. Soil and Plant Nutrition
  9. Water Management in Agriculture
  10. Climate Change in Agriculture
  11. System of Seed, Seed Production, Quality Management and Certification process
  12. Agricultural Input Management
  13. Integrated Farming Systems in different agro-eco systems of India
  14. Agricultural Credit and Insurance
  15. Integrated Pest Management
  16. Organic Agriculture
  17. Agricultural Marketing
  18. Supply Chain Management
  19. Value Addition Technologies

The candidates can go through the course-wise study material, video lectures and quizzes, available online for self-learning.