AgriTech Startup Accelerator

To foster the growth and development of Agripreneurs and the startup ecosystem, CIE@IIITH and National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), have joined hands together to organize an “Agri-Tech Startup Accelerator Program” (AgTSAP - 2017).

We are seeking early-stage startup with an idea, intellectual property or prototype for agricultural innovation.


  1. 4 months structured program
  2. Office space at MANAGE and IIITH campus.
  3. Seed funding up to 10 Lakhs (5 lakhs after selection, remaining after prototype development)
  4. Mentoring from Agricultural experts (Internal and external experts to support product development)
  5. Provision of requisite knowledge, regulatory and advisory services through professionals
  6. Purposeful networking for business development
  7. Development of a Proof of Concept to accelerate growth
  8. Business model development

Our Fields of Interest

We are looking for breakthrough innovations from agriculture and allied areas. Innovation can be a breakthrough in terms of efficiency or resource conservation or due to the way in which it facilitates the lives of farmers and consumers.

  1. Agtech (Machinery, Drones, Robotics, Automation Systems, etc.)
  2. Irrigation
  3. Organic Agriculture
  4. Plant Production/Protection
  5. Animal Husbandry
  6. Fishery
  7. Agricultural Commodity Trading
  8. Urban Farming
  9. Smart Farming
  10. ICT
  11. Internet of Things & Machine2machine Communication
  12. Big Data and Decision Support Systems
  13. Healthy Food
  14. Other Disruptive Technologies
  15. Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  16. Farmer Service Centre

Important Timelines

  1. Application closes by 10th Oct 2017
  2. Email Notification to the shortlisted applicants by 21st Oct 2017
  3. Pitch Day by 25th Oct 2017
  4. Email notification to the finally selected startups by 26th Oct 2017
  5. Program kickstarts by 27th Oct 2017

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