Concept Note

The focus of the government policies in the recent past has been on enhancing farmers income through a flagship program of “Doubling of Farmers Income by 2022”. One of the main strategies suggested in this document is aggregation of farmers into Farmer Producer Organizations. This tool of aggregation is a solution for most of the problems faced by small and marginal farmers. Since 2002, around 7000 FPOs have been promoted by various agencies. Based on the success of this model in the country, Govt. of India has decided to promote 10000 FPOs over next five years. It is estimated that during the promotion and implementation of 10,000 farmer-organisations would require capacity building of nearly 46 lakhs stakeholders covering Board of Directors, CEOs, Bankers, CBBOs, officers from agriculture and line departments, resources from NGO, Universities, Cooperative organizations, apex institutes dealing with agriculture and other institutes including stakeholders in the private sector. In order to address this huge challenge of aggregating farmers, MANAGE proposes to setup an Academy with focus on capacity building and of different FPO stakeholders and also to conduct research studies, policy advocacy and other related aspects to help government achieve the ambitious target of creating 10000 farmer-organisations over next five years.