Diploma in Agricutlural Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI)

Certification & Award of Diploma

Question Paper Setting and Evaluation

The Facilitator is responsible for all the activities such as setting of Question papers, conducting the examinations and evaluating the answer scripts, records and assignment. However, the practical examination consisting of spotting and viva-voce will be conducted with the help of external expert. The pass percentage to obtain the diploma is 40. Failed input dealers will be given an opportunity to appear only for the ‘Final Theory Exam’ along with the input 18 dealers of immediate subsequent batch. In case there is no subsequent batch, the NTI will conduct a special exam for the failed candidates within a period of six months based on the same syllabus. The results will be declared based on the marks obtained by the individual candidates as given below:

Range of Marks Result
40 and above Pass
60-80 First Class
Above 80 Distinction


Diploma will be awarded to the successful input dealers by SAMETIs of respective States on being authorised by DAC, Ministry of Agriculture, GoI.