ONLINE COURSE: Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Warehousing Management (PGDAWM)

The changing agricultural scenario of the country calls for organized agri-warehousing backed by state-of-the-art technology. This, in turn, will give rise to demand for technically qualified manpower to manage different aspects of warehousing such as logistics, supply chains, inventory management, collateral management, etc. Realizing the importance of trained manpower in the sector, MANAGE has launched an online one-year program on Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Warehousing Management (PGDAWM).

The objective of the Course is to create a pool of warehouse professionals with capacity to manage agri-warehouse efficiently and to help them have latest knowledge and understanding of related aspects like inventory, logistics and collateral management.

Salient Features

  1. An online course to be offered in an user-friendly manner
  2. Comprehensive coverage to cater to the sectoral needs
  3. Availability of reading material on the electronic platform
  4. Balanced blending of online and practical exposure
  5. Comprehensive assessment of the candidates
  6. Online/ Class-room interaction with professors and professionals for clearing the doubts of the candidates
  7. Hands-on experience to make learning more meaningful
  8. A certificate (on successful completion) from MANAGE for better employment prospects for the candidates