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Journal of Agricultural Extension Management

Vol. XVIII July - December, 2017 No: 2 (click the links below for abstracts)

  1. Farmers’ Experiences with Pluralistic Extension System in Promotion of Conservation Agriculture in Chinguluwe Epa of Salima District, Malawi/ Mphatso Mary Magombo
  2. Gender Perspective in Determinants of Market Supply of Tomato Using Multiple Linear Regression Models/ Almaz Giziew
  3. Agricultural Transition within the ASAL Rural-Urban Continuum in Kenya: a case study of Kajiado County/ Mary Kerubo Morara, Laban MacOpiyo and Wambui KogiMakau
  4. Stage-Wise Use of Mass Media in Adoption of BRRI Dhan28 by Farmers of Munshiganj District in Bangladesh/ M. Akter, M.H. Bhuiyan and K.Z. Hossain
  5. Coping Strategy during Farm Distress: a Case Study of Cattle Breed Improvement Program in Andhra Pradesh/ K. Anand Reddy and P. Kanaka Durga
  6. Animal Husbandry Extension Service Delivery: Farmers’ Perception in Four Major Indian States/ M. A. Kareem, S. S. Phand, P. L. Manohari and M. Borade
  7. Strengthening Farmer - Market Linkages/ B K Paty, Shalendra and K C Gummagolmath
  8. Impact of DAESI Program on Trained Input Dealers: A Perception Study/ N. Balasubramani
  9. Factors Influencing the Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Agripreneurs in Andhra Pradesh/ V Deepthi, P Rambabu and T Gopikrishna
  10. Crop Based Community KVK - a Predictive Innovative Model of Technology Delivery to Reach the Unreached/ M. Pandiyan, Noorjehan A.K.A. Hanif, M. Senthil Kumar and Joshua Davidson
  11. Does Demographics Influence Adoption of Information Technology Devices? – an Understanding of Rural Consumer Behaviour/ Poonam Kumari and Nirupma Gupta
  12. A Case study on Utilization of Common Service Centre among the General Public/ S. Vignesh Kumar and C. Karthikeyan
  13. Future of Farming - Polyhouse Farming/ Rachna Singla and Jasvinder Singh
  14. Uptake and Pathways in Introducing the Vegetable Crop Capsicum by KVK Khordha, Odisha/ A.K. Dash, P.N. Ananth, S. Singh and P. Jayasankar
  15. Youth in Agriculture: Role of Government Initiatives/ Anshu Rani and Pinaki Roy

Volume No. X(2) July - December, 2009

  1. Management of Horticultural Extension Services In Rainfed Areas, G.R. Desai and P.L. Manohari
  2. Empowering the Farmers of India: a case study of e-choupal in Uttarakhand, M.A. Ansari and Ajay Kumar Yogeshwar
  3. Forecasting Cotton prices in Warangal District - an empirical analysis, V. Rajendra Prasad, M. Malla Reddy and D. Raja Ram Reddy
  4. Performance of Rainfed Farming Systems in Selected Districts of Southern India, G.R. Desai, P.L. Manohari and S.V. Ramana Rao
  5. Resource Use Efficiency in Mulberry Cocoon Production in Tamil Nadu: an economic analysis S.Lakshmanan
  6. Determinants of Utility Perception of Telecasted Agricultural Technologies, R.T. Katole, D.D Suradkar and R.S. Bhople
  7. Technological Impact on Productivity and Profitability in Mulberry Silk Cocoon Production, Hiriyanna, P. Kumaresan, T.S. Mahadevamurthy, A.S.Suma and S.M.H. Qadri
  8. Awareness and Adoption of Recommended Technologies by Cassava Growers, A. Janaki Rani and V. Palanisamy
  9. Impact of IVLP on Mulberry Leaf and Cocoon Yield at Farmers' Level, B.T. Sreenivas, A. Umesha, M. T. Himantharaj, Jaishankar, S.M.H. Qadri and C.K. Kamble
  10. Utilization, Credibility and Effectiveness of Communication Media among Bt Cotton Growers, U.R. Chinchmalatpure, H.D. Rajput and C.P. Girase

Volume No. X(1) January - June, 2009

  1. Performance Efficiency of Agricultural Extension Systems, G.R. Desai and, Sanat Mishra
  2. Impact Assessment of Training Programmes: a case study of MANAGE, Vikram Singh,  G.Jaya and A.S. Charyulu
  3. Access and usage of Internet in Agricultural institutions, Lakshmi Murthy
  4. Utilisation of Animal Husbandry Extension Services by Rainfed Farmers, G.R. Desai and P.L. Manohari
  5. Opinion and Preferences of Farmers Regarding Training Programmes, Manish Bajpai and Surya Rathore
  6. Short Message Service (SMS) Alerts in Agricultural Information Dissemination: a case study, G. Bhaskar
  7. Farmer Scientist Forum: an approach to Market led Extension, K.D. Kokate, P.B. Kharde and S.S. Patil
  8. Problems and Prospects of Rice Exports from India, P. Kanaka Durga
  9. Krishi Community Radio: A case study, N. Balasubramani
  10. Knowledge and Adoption of Water Management Technology among Farmers, B.T. Kolgane, D.D. Suradkar and P.K. Wakle

Volume No. IX(2) July - December, 2008

  1. Strategic Interventions for Improving Rainfed Farming Systems in Bolangir district of Orissa, G.R. Desai, P.L. Manohari, Sanat Mishra and S.V. Ramana Rao
  2. A Study on Size and Duration of Training Programmes, Vikram Singh and Lakshmi Murthy
  3. Decision Making among Women - Headed Households, K. Uma Rani, K. Sai Maheswari and G. Bhaskar
  4. Role of Krishi Vigyan Kendras in the National Agricultural Extension System, G.R. Desai and P.L. Manohari
  5. Post Project Sustainability of watershed programme - a continuing challenge, B. Renuka Rani and K. Sai Maheswari
  6. Integrated Farming Systems Management for Sustainable Sericulture - a Case Study, S. Rajadurai and T.M. Veeraiah
  7. Role of Rural Women in Farm Management Decision Making Process, U.D. Patil, T.B. Deokate and S.N. Patil
  8. Livelihood Pattern of Suicide Farmers of Vidarbha Region, N.M. Kale, S.R. Khonde and U.G. Thakare
  9. An Impact Analysis of Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices in Paddy, A. Janaki Rani, H. Philip and P.P. Murugan
  10. Constraints faced by Cotton Growers in Bt. Cotton Cultivation, M.K. Trivedi, N.B. Chauhan and Umesh Chinchmalatpure

Volume No. IX(1) January - June, 2008

  1. Utilisation of Agricultural Research and Extension Services by Rainfed Farmers, G.R. Desai, P.L. Manohari and T.D.S. Kumar
  2. Effect of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on Communication Skills of Agricultural Extension Officials: a case study in Markazi Province of Iran, H. Shabanali Fami, M. Rezaie, M. Rahimzadeh, F. Rostami and M.Yaghoobi 
  3. Agripreneurs and their Opinion on Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres Scheme, L.M. Ahire, B.S. Sontakki and P. Punna Rao 
  4. Adoption of Tissue Culture in Horticulture: A Study of Banana-Growing Farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Ch. Krishna Rao and E. Haribabu
  5. Farmers’ Preferences towards Privatization of Agricultural Extension Services, Pushpa Kumari and M.A. Ansari
  6. An Integrated Model for Small Farm Profitability – a case study, S. Regeena
  7. Economic Analysis of Zero Tillage Technology in Maize, V. Rajendra Prasad and M. Goverdhan
  8. An Empirical Analysis on Cultivation Behaviour of Bt Cotton Growers, S. Usha Rani and G. Selvaraj
  9. Consequence of Farmer’s Attributes on their Attitude towards Bt-Cotton, M.K. Trivedi, N.B. Chauhan and Umesh Chinchmalatpure 
  10. Measuring Readability of Farm Information Published in Newspapers, G.R. Uike, D.M. Mankar and R.G. Mardane
  11. Resource Use Efficiency in Rice Production, B. Nirmala
  12. Factors affecting Teaching Competency of Academic Staff, K.T. Lahariya and P.O. Ingle
  13. Role Perception and Performance of Women Members in Panchayat Raj, D.D. Suradkar, S.D. Wangikar and P.K. Wakale

Volume No. VIII (2) July - December, 2007

  1. Farming Systems in Rainfed Areas of Karnataka, M.A Shankar, G.N. Dhanapal, and M.R.Umesh
  2. Improvement of Livestock Sector in Rainfed Areas Status and Strategies, K.T. Sampath and K.S. Ramachandra
  3. Improvement in Livelihoods of Tribal Farmers In Rainfed Farming Systems, M.A. Kareem and P.L. Manohari
  4. Impact of Watershed Development Programmes on Adoption of Crop Production Technologies, Om Prakash, Y.V.R. Reddy, G. Sastry, P. Srinivas Rao and H.P. Singh
  5. Factors behind Poor Mechanization in Rice Cultivation in Orissa, S.K. Nath and C. Satapathy
  6. Empowerment of Rural Women through Self Help Groups, D.M. Mankar, Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure and N. R. Koshti
  7. Socio-economic characteristics of lac growers in Jharkhand, Govind Pal, M.L. Bhagat and A. Bhattacharya
  8. Perceived Opinion of Farmers and Researchers towards Jasmine Research Priorities, A. Janaki Rani, M. Manoharan and P.P. Murugan
  9. Impact of Japan International Co-Operation Agency (JICA) Extension Project on Quality Silk Production – a Case Study, P. Kumaresan, R.G. Geetha Devi and C.K. Kamble
  10. Factors Contributing to Efficiency of the Personnel Working in a Research Organization – a Case Study, B.D. Tripathi and Varsha

Volume No. VIII (1) January - June, 2007

  1. Village Based Seed Banks in Andhra Pradesh - a Case Study, Ch. Ravinder Reddy, Vilas A Tonapi, PG Bezkorowajnyj, G. Thirupati Reddy and S P Wani
  2. Impact of JICA Programme on Sericulture Development in Tamil Nadu, M.T. Himantharaj, G. Srinivasa, R. Gnanashekaran and G.S. Vindhya
  3. Performance of Rainfed Farming Systems in Mahaboobnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, G.R.Desai, J.Venkateswarlu, S.V.Ramana Rao, T.D.S.Kumar, P.L.Manohari
  4. Growth of Rice Production in Different Districts of Manipur: a Decadal Analysis, Diana Sarungbam and Nivedita Deka
  5. Impact of Communication Behaviour of Farmers of Watershed areas in central India , Om Prakash
  6. Dynamics of Adoption of Recommended Rice Production Technologies among Migrant Farmers, N. Sai Krishna, Shaik N. Meera and P. Muthuraman
  7. Strategies for Potential Participation of Women in Sericulture: Issues and Options, S. Lakshmanan and R.G.Geetha Devi
  8. Correlates of Adoption of Cotton Cultivation Practices, Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure and V. V. Mayani
  9. Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women through Micro-Finance, Josily Samuel, L.B. Kunnal, Susheela P. Sawkar and K.V. Ashalata
  10. Expert to Facilitator: Issues on Changing Role of Extension Personnel under Extension Reforms, U. Barman and B. Kumar

Volume No. VII (2) July - December 2006

  1. Extension Delivery Methods Preferred by Women Farmers in Nigeria , O.A. Olaniyi, Y.K Ogunleye,. and P.O Eniola.
  2. Matrix Ranking of the Technological Interventions Perceived by Farmers under IVLP, Anuj Kumar1, Ram Chand2, R.M. Fulzele3 and Randhir Singh
  3. Women Empowerment through ‘Kudumbashree’ Project of Kerala–a Micro level Analysis, A. Sakeer Husain and Anu S. Nair
  4. Gender Differentials in Labour Allocation in Farming Systems of Jharkhand, V. Lakra , R. Sinha and C. Kerketta
  5. Feasibility of biomass recycling of arecanut based cropping system through vermicompost technology in the farmers’ garden – A participatory assessment, Indrajit Barman, A. K. Ray and H. P. Maheswarappa
  6. Predictive Factors of knowledge level of beel user on sustainable development of beel fisheries, R.C. Barman, S.S. Dana, B.K. Bhattacharjya and D. Majumdar
  7. Constraints and Suggestions expressed by project affected farmers in adoption of modern agricultural technology, Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure1 and V. V. Mayani2
  8. Gender Differences in Learning styles of Extension Trainees, P.Sethuraman Sivakumar and Ramesh C. Ray
  9. Relative Effectiveness of Extension Teaching Methods in retention of knowledge by Farm Women, P.B. Kharde and S.B. Shinde
  10. Ict Mediated Agricultural Extension : A Case Study, Sreenath Dixit, G. Dileepkumar1, and V. Balaji
  11. Project Atmapratistha - an Inspiring Public Private Partnership in Assam , J.Deka, P.Nath, D.K.Gogoi and Dr.Vikram Singh
  12. Web based Information Dissemionation: Case of Rabbit Farming in Tamil Nadu, D.Puthira Prathap and K.A.Ponnusamy

Volume No. VII (1) January - June 2006

  1. Perceived Characteristics of Innovation affecting the Adoption of Agricultural Technology among Farmers of Osun State, Nigeria, E.O. Okunade, M.O Raufu and O.A Olaniyi
  2. Information Sources used by Livestock Farmers in Iran, H. Shabanali Fami , Kh. Kalantari & A. Asadi
  3. A Study on Impact of “DAESI” Programme on Input Dealers in Andhra Pradesh, P.L Manohari and M.A. Kareem
  4. Export Performance of Mango Fruit from India , N. R. Mamle Desai, G.K. Hiremath and J. S. Hilli
  5. Farmers’ Perceptions on Performance and Utilization of Improved Sorghum Cultivars, P Parthasarathy Rao, K Gurava Reddy, Belum VS Reddy and D Ramachandraiah
  6. Farmers’ willingness to pay for Livestock Extension Services, S. Ravi Kumar, K.V.R.Reddy and B. Sudhakar Rao \
  7. Farmers’ participation in the Kisan Call Centre – A critical evaluation, P. Lavanya, C. Karthikeyan and J. Venkatapirabu
  8. Credibility of Farm Magazine as perceived by Farmers, Syed Sadaqath and H.K Mariswamy
  9. Teaching Technical Skills in Sericulture, G Srinivasa, V.K Rahmathulla, M.T Himantharaj, G.S Vindhya and R.K Rajan
  10. Increased adoption of seed treatment for groundnut disease management through farmer participatory evaluation: A micro study in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, Ch. Ravinder Reddy, K Gurava Reddy, G. Thirupathi Reddy and SP Wani
  11. Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Extension Management: A case study of Hoshangabad model in Madhya Pradesh, P Chandra Shekara, N. Balasubramani and A.S. Charyulu
  12. Excel-Parle-Farmers – a case of Partnership, Vikram Singh and G. Bhaskar

Volume No. VI (2) July - December 2005 

  1. Changing perspectives in extension management, G.R.Desai
  2. Role expectations and role performance of Agricultural Extension Officers,V.K.Reddy
  3. DAATTCs: A successful innovation in technology dissemination, P. Punna Rao and P. Israel
  4. Mechanisation in dryland agriculture: present status and future needs, K.V.Subrahmanyam and K. Nagasree
  5. Impact of transfer of technology in cashew cultivation, R. Venkattakumar, T.N. Raviprasad and M.G. Nayak
  6. Opinion of veterinary students towards establishment of private veterinary clinics, V. Jagadeeswari, B. Sudhakar Rao and C. Subhas Chandra Bose
  7. Indigenous technical knowledge of farmers in dry farming, K.Thangaraja and C. Karthikeyan
  8. Role of 'Kisan Call Center', Pune in dissemination of agricultural technology, H.P.Bondale, A.M. Chavai, V.J. Tarde and G.K Sasane
  9. Private extension system: An analysis, Loveleesh Garg, T.S.Riar and Manjinder Singh
  10. Interpersonal communcation behavior of tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh, P.L.Manohari and M.A.Kareem

Volume No. VI (1) January – June 2005 

  1. Effectiveness of Agriclinics and Agribusiness training programme in Kerala, S. Parimaladevi, A. Sakeer Husain and S. Bhaskaran
  2. Impact of watershed programme on the economy of the Farm households in Andhra Pradesh, B.Nirmala and G.K.Hiremath
  3. Perceived Communication Effectiveness among Researchers, Extension personnel and Farmers O. Sarada, K. Prabhakar and M. Sudarshan Reddy
  4. Management Interventions for improving economic efficiency of irrigation water resource in Andhra Pradesh, K. N. Ravi Kumar and D. Srinivas
  5. Training needs of input dealers on pesticidal application on cotton crop in Punjab, M.K.Sarda and Dr.S.S.Gill
  6. Rural Radio in Agricultural and Rural Development, N.C.Rath and Shaik.N.Meera
  7. Participation of Tribal farmers in Vegetable Cultivation, Rajesh Kumar, B.S Arya and Sunil Arya
  8. Improving employment strategies and potential for women and youth agricultural labour, C.Karthikeyan, J.Venkata Pirabu, G.Selvarani and S.Amudha
  9. Extension strategy and institutional mechanism for biodiversity conservation, D. Sen

 Volume No. V (2) July – December 2004 

  1. Influence of performance appraisal system on overall climate of agricultural extension organizations, Souvik Ghosh and K. Vijayaragavan
  2. Farmer Participatory Problem Identification: a case study of Karnal District, Haryana, S.R.K. Singh, Arindam Dhali, Debashish Mandal and Vinod Bhargava  
  3. Establishing and strengthening farmers organizations, S.K. Santra and B. Haldar
  4. Problems of shrimp entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu, K. Ponnusamy, S.M.Pillai and C.Sarada
  5. Wealth ranking and livelihood analysis for microwatershed development, G Nirmala, Kausalya Ramachandran , UK Mandal, V Ramesh and G. Ramesh
  6. Self-help groups for mobilizing tribal youth for entrepreneurship-the experience of Meghalaya N.Prakash, P.P. Pal and M. Sharma
  7. Biovillage worldwide: building on multifunctionality of vermicompost technology, B. Bhattacharya and S.K. Nanda
  8. People’s technologies in farm sector – a scientific approach for sustainability, K.Narayanagowda, M. Ranganath and B.S. Siddaramaiah

Volume No. V (1) January – June 2004 

  1. New Dimensions of Agricultural Extension: Forging Partnership, Dr. M.N. Reddy & Dr. Vikram Singh
  2. Economic of Major Farming Systems in North Coastal Zone of Andhra Pradesh, K.N. Ravi Kumar, B. Bapuji Rao and K. Sree Lakshmi
  3. Economic Impact of Water Harvesting Structures on Farmers of North Saurashtra Agro-climatic Zone, Hiren Tilala and R. L. Shiyani
  4. Assessing the Factors Influencing the Food Grain Production in Andhra Pradesh: District Wise Analysis, I.V.Y.Rama Rao and V.T.Raju
  5. Measurement of Sustainability of Agriculture in Watershed Environment, K. Atchuta Raju, J. Dilip Babu and M. Sudarshan Reddy
  6. Performance of Farm Women in Agriculture and Income Generating Activities, Thejaswini C.N, Chandra Shekar V. and Narayana Gowda. K.
  7. Role of Women in Land Management Decision Making in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra, S.N. Goswami, O. Challa and R.S. Gawande
  8. Knowledge Networking in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) for Women in Agriculture and Rural Development, N.Sandhya Shenoy and Paramita Banerjee
  9. Analysis of Functional Linkages between Research and Extension in Dairying under Different Linkage Systems in Haryana, Dr. Shantanu Kumar, Dr. Uma Sah and Dr. Ram Kumar
  10. Gap in Watershed Project Activities–– A Study at Micro Level, R.K.Raj, C.Satpathy and Shyamlal

Volume No. IV (2) July – December 2003

  1. Agricultural Marketing Extension services in a changing, scenario, Vikram Singh and J.P. Singh
  2. Promoting Organic Farming in India: Extension implications, S.K. Nanda, B. Bhattacharya and P. Satish Chandra
  3. Empowering extension managers through Participatory learning approach, G. Jaya and M.N. Reddy
  4. Agricultural Marketing in the wake of the World Trade Agreement, K.H. Vedini
  5. Role of institutions and institutional constraints in watershed programmes: a case study of Karkara watershed, Hazaribagh, Jharkand, G.P. Reddy, R.C. Srivastava and H.N. Verma
  6. Assessment of Risk in Dryland Agriculture: a study of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, D. Moses Shyam, I. Narendar and G.V. Krishna rao
  7. Perception of Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs) of National Agricultural Technology Project about Private Extension services: A micro study in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, A.M. Chavai, S.S. Sadaphal, A.J. Nirban and G.K. Sawant
  8. Utilization of information sources by farmers under different production systems in Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh, S.P. Gupta, Amardeep and Kushal Vir
  9. Farmers’ preferences for extension technologies under social forestry and farm forestry in Karnataka, K. Narayana Gowda and N. Rajanna
  10. Extension through women and groups: an innovative approach of KVK gadag, Karnataka, M.J. Chandre Gowda, S.H. Adapur and R. Sudha
  11. Impact of WTO on agriculture, T.D.S. Kumar
  12. Extension Management in Animal Resource development for improvement in Rural economy: a few issues, D. Sen
  13. When Women Unite…Connecting the Poor: a vision, B. Renuka Rani
  14. Evaluation of Information Communication technology projects in developing world: formulating a prospective methodology, N. Meera Shaik and D.U.M. Rao
  15. Indigenous Technical Know how of Coastal Fisher folk of Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, H.Vivek Nirmale, S. Bharat Sontakki and R.S. Biradar
  16. Diagnosis of general agricultural problems of farmers through Village level Participatory Approach in Mahboobnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, M.Suryamani
  17. Management strategy for sustainable technology creation and accuracy in adoption: R&D perspective, V.G. Dhanakumar
  18. Agriculture media in India: March towards problem solving and professionalism, P. Chandra Shekara

Volume IV, No.1

  1. Strategies for Management of Change in Agricultural Extension - G. Jaya and M.N. Reddy
  2. Third Wave in Indian Agriculture: Introduction to Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centres Scheme - P. Chandra Shekara
  3. Participatory Agro-Ecosystem Analysis and Identification of Problems of a Village in Bundelkhand Region - M.R. Manikantan and R.S. Suman
  4. Contract Farming: Where We Gain and Lose? R. Saravanan and N.S. Shivalinge Gowda
  5. Status from Castor Seed Purchasers to Seed Producers: A Success Story from Andhra Pradesh - M. Padmaiah and G.V. Ramanjaneyadu
  6. Opinion of Farmers About Functioning of Rythu Bazaars - B. Savitha H.K. De and A. Ramesh Babu
  7. Socio Economic Impact of JFM in Bankura - H.K. De and A. Ramesh Babu
  8. Role of Opinion Leaders in Rural Development and Community Advancement - L.S. Bareth and J.D. Sarkar
  9. Problems Faced by Farm Women in Managing Enterprises - T. Sarah Kamala and K. Atchuta Raju - W. Neeraj Sing, B.P. Sinha and K. Vijayaragavan B.S. Chandel
  10. A Study on Motivational Levels of Agricultural Officials - W. Neeraj Sing, B.P. Sinha and K. Vijayaragavan
  11. Management Approach for Integrated Development of a Watershed - B.S. Chandel
  12. Role of Agripreneurs - Experience Sharing from an Agribusiness Training Programme - Manoj Mishra
  13. Socio-personal characteristics of Private Veterinary Practitioners (PVPs) in developing countries: A study in West Bengal State of India - Arindam Sen and Mahesh Chander
  14. Agricultural Information Management Behaviour of Farmers - D. Jagannadha Raju and K. Jayarama Reddy - K. Vijay Kumar, M. Pochaiah and G. Raghupathi Reddy A. Sailaja and M.N. Reddy
  15. Correlates of Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Floriculture Farmers -  K. Vijay Kumar, M. Pochaiah and G. Raghupathi Reddy
  16. Changing Needs of Farm Women in Agriculture - A. Sailaja and M.N. Reddy
  17. T&V and NATP – A Comparison of Features - K. Umarani

Volume III, No.2

  1. Cost Price Analysis in Sugarcane : A Study in Tamil Nadu, Southern India - J.P.Singh and K.H. Vedini
  2. K.P.C.Rao and K.N.Ravi Kumar
  3. Production and marketing scenarios of Jaggery in India with special reference to Andhra Pradesh - K.P.C. Rao and K.N.Ravi Kumar
  4. Kindling the Hidden Fire : Empowerment Through Conflict Management in Organizations - G. Jaya
  5. Food Grain Production in India – An Analysis of Trend and Seasonal Pattern During the Post-green Revolution Period - K.Kareemulla and R.H.Rizvi
  6. Impact of Participatory Planning on Adoption of New Technology through FLD (Oil Seeds) - P.K. Singh Information Revolution in Indian Agriculture - Bankey Bihari and A.S. Mishra T. Krishna Prasad, MD.Suleman Khan and M.Veera Raghava Reddy
  7. Cyclone Disaster Preparedness of Prawn growers in Andhra Pradesh- T.Krishna Prasad, M.D. Suleman Khan and M. Veera Raghava Reddy
  8. Development Oriented Performance Appraisal System for the Agricultural Extension Personnel - Souvik Ghosh and K.Vijayaragavan
  9. Developmental Priorities of Farm Women in Agribusiness Management - A Case of an Adopted Village K.B.Palem - S. Neelaveni and P. Rambabu
  10. Potential Appraisal of Agricultural Extension Human Resource - A SWOT Analysis - P. Punna Rao and B. Mukunda Rao
  11. Alienation from Work among Entrepreneurs in Agriculture - Hemchandra Gajbhiye, R.T. Katole and Jyoti Sahare - B.S. Nadagoudar and A.T. Patil - Kella Lakshmana, I.M. Iqbal, R.Netaji Seetharaman and R.Ranga Swamy - T.D.S.Kumar P V K Sasidhar and B S Chandel
  12. Monitoring and Evaluation of Extension Activities - B.S. Nadagoudar and A.T. Patil
  13. Research in Field Extension – an approach for sustainability - K.Lakshmana, I.M. Iqbal, R. Nethaji Seetaraman and R. Ranga Swamy
  14. ”Shaham”: Agricultural Extension services of Israel - T.D.S. Kumar
  15. Rational Delivery of Private Livestok Extension services – Interventions - P.V.K. Sasidhar and B.S. Chandel
  16. Utilisation of Information Sources by the Tribal Farmers in Rampachodavaram Agency Area : A Micro Study - P.L.Manohari

 Volume III, No.1

  1. Market-led Agricultural Extension Challenges & Future Strategy - M.N.Reddy & G. Jaya
  2. Export Potential of Horticultural Products: Constraints and Strategies - K.H.Vedini
  3. Participatory Approaches in Agricultural Research: A Case Study - of the Andhra Pradesh Netherlands Biotechnology Programme - G Pakki Reddy and P.S. Janaki Krishna
  4. Farmer to Farmer Extension for Sustainable Agriculture an Experience of U.P. Sodic Lands Reclamation Project - India - R.S. Saxena S.K. Pradhan
  5. Key Communicator Networks used in Dissemination of Agricultural Information : A Study in Koya Sub-tribe Setting - P.L.Manohari
  6. India’s Traditional Water Conservation and Harvesting System: A solution to combating Water Scarcity - Souvik Ghosh, H.N. Verma, P. Nanda, and Dinesh Chandra
  7. Dynamics of Collaboration in the Activities of Krishi Vigyan Kendras - M.J.Chandre Gowda and R.K.Samanta
  8. World Trade Agreement – Its Impact on Indian Agriculture - K.N.Ravi Kumar, K.Sree Lakshmi and K.P.C. Rao
  9. Studies on Involvement of Women in Agriculture and Allied Activities in Kalahandi District of Orissa - M.M. Hossain and S.N. Mishra
  10. Status of Extension Management Perspectives in Agroforestry In India - R.P. Dwivedi
  11. Prediction of Net Returns from Apple (Malus Domestica Borkh.) In Kashmir From Some Agro-economic And Socio-personal Correlates - S.K. Acharjee, W. Qadri and A. Haque
  12. Message Design for Community Wall Newspaper: Participatory Approach - P.S. Siva Kumar and R.N. Trikha 
  13. Technological Needs of Women in Dairying - K.Umarani
  14. Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension warrants as much preference as given to Research - P.V.K. Sasidhar
  15. Comparative Analysis of Formats and Readability of Articles published in a News Paper and A Farm Magazine - V. Suresh and J. Vasanthkumar
  16. Factors Influencing the Attitude of Farmers towards Privatization of Agricultural Extension Services - M. Jegadeesan, T. Rathkrishnan and G. Selvaraj
  17. Awareness, Perceptions and Problems of Cardamom Growers in India - T.D.S.Kumar

Volume II, No.2 

  1. Strategy for Effective Agricultural Marketing Extension to Meet the Challenges in 21 st Century : J.P. Singh
  2. Communication Strategies for Creating Sustainable Public Awareness on Agricultural Biotechnology : M.N. Reddy
  3. MANAGE : A Case of HRD in Government : Vikram Singh and B.D. Tripath
  4. Exploring the Agricultural Export Potential of Andhra Pradesh - A SWOT Analysis : K.N. Ravi Kumar, K. Sree Lakshmi and K.V. Krishna here to download the above four (PDF file)
  5. Constraints and Suggestions for Effective Implementation of Farm Women Development Programmes : K. Atchuta Raju, G. Sowjanya Roy,T. Sarah Kamala and M. Sudha Rani
  6. Managing Agricultural Production by Minimising Environmental Risks: A Study of Farmers Perception of Environmental Risk in Pesticide Use : M.S. Rao and V.K. Dubey
  7. Information Revolution in Indian Agriculture : Bankey Bihari and A.S. Mishra
  8. Impact of Farm Mechanization on Selected Filed Crops in Tamil Nadu (India): An Analysis : N. Anandaraja, K. Chandrakandan, R. Vijayaraghavan and C. Karthikeyan
  9. Methodology Adopted by NGOs for Farm Women Development : K. Atchuta Raju, M. Sudha Rani, M.C. Obaiah G.S. Roy and T. Sarah Kamala
  10. Adoption of Production Practices of Paddy by Tribal Farmers : M.A. Kareem and P.L. Manohari
  11. Development Plan of Village Sandhir on the Basis of PRA Techniques : R.P. Singh
  12. Innovations in Training for Team Work : B.D. here to download (PDF file)
  13. Women's Empowerment for Sustainable Agriculture Development : S.K. Santra and Rubi Kundu
  14. Redefining the Extension Role of State Agricultural Universities to Meet the Emerging Challenges : P. Sethuraman Sivakumar, B.S. Sontakki and V.K. Jayaraghavendra Rao
  15. Stress Management by the Agricultural Officers : T. Lakshmi
  16. Performance Appraisal in RBEDS : V.G. Dhanakumar

Volume No. II (1) January – June 2001

  1. Self-directed work teams for sustainable linkages: a new approach for Agricultural development, M.N. Reddy
  2. Capacity Building of Extension Workers and Farmers in Extension Education, R.P. Singh
  3. Imperatives of sociological and Extension Management Techniques in Organization of Dairy Cooperatives in Haryana, India: a leson for Master Trainers, P.S. Malik and Saroj Malik
  4. Mass Media in Agricultural Extension: Best yet to come, P. Chandrashekara
  5. Farming Situation specific Production Recommendation: a in Jorhat district of Assam, R.C. Sarmah and G. Goswami
  6. Capacity Building for HRD at State level, V.K. Reddy
  7. Estimation of Rural Poverty in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu, P.N. Jayakumar, J.N. Ravi Kumar and K.P.C. Rao
  8. Food Se4curity in the Framework of Economic policies, K.H. Vedini
  9. Axiomatic theory of Entrepreneurial Behavior of Farmers, M.S. Rao and Dipak De
  10. Attitude of Primitive Tribal Groups towards improved Agricultural Technology, P.L. Manohari
  11. Empowering Women through Natural and Social Resource Management, K. Uma Rani
  12. Glimpses of Agricultural Extension development in India, K.P. Wasnik
  13. Health and Nutritional Status of Rural women: a comparative study of ICDS and non ICDS Areas of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, B. Renuka Rani
  14. Promoting Agricultural Exports from India: need of the hour, K.N. Ravi Kumar, Radhika Rani, P.N. Jayakumar and K.P.C. Rao
  15. Methodology adopted by NGOs for farm Women development, K. Atchuta Raju, M. Sudha Rani, M.C. Obaiah, G.S. Royand Sarah Kamala

Volume No. I (2) July – December 2000

  1. WTO and India’s Agricultural export Perspectives, J.P. Singh
  2. Agricultural Extension Personnel in new millennium: a prospective view, B.D. Tripathi
  3. Determinants of Rice Trade in the World Market, P. Kanaka Durga
  4. Gender focus in national Agricultural Technology project (NATP): some issues, K. Uma Rani
  5. Knowledge of Agricultural Officers on sustainable agricultural practices: a micro study in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, K. Guruva Reddy and P. Punna Rao
  6. Impact of Farm Mechanization on the farm economy a case study in coastal Andhra Pradesh, L. Thulasamma and I. Narendra
  7. Study on constraints inadoption of recommended practices of cotton in Aurangabad and Jalana duistricts, K.R. Nadre
  8. Water Management for field crops production, Chandra
  9. Matrix made easy by farmers: a case study, Ajay Kumar and M.K. Majumdar
  10. Technology Refinement through on-farm trials (OFT) for wider acceptability, P.K. Singh
  11. Sustainable and Effective Water Management: a holistic approach to improve socio-economic status of rural community, Gouranga Kar and Lipi Das

Volume No. I (1) January – June 2000

  1. Agricultural Production Scenario in 21st Century, A.K. Goel
  2. Sustainable development of Natural Resources through Indigenous Technologies: a case study of Manchal Watershed in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh, NK Sanghi
  3. Cyber Extension in the context of Agricultural Extension, V.P. Sharma
  4. Human Resource Management and Organizational Effectiveness, Vikram Singh
  5. Technology Framework for Coffee Extension Management, P. Chandrashekhara
  6. Potential location for Flower Processing Units in Karnataka an econometric analysis, K.H. Vedini
  7. Small farmers Agri Business Consortium (SFAC): a case of Mahboobnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, T.D. S. Kumar
  8. Agriculture Development: Future Production and Production possibilities in Andhra Pradesh, P. Kanaka Durga
  9. Technological Needs of women in Paddy Cultivation: a study in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh, K. Uma Rani
  10. An Economic Analysis of Factors influencing Milk Production and supply response of Milk to change in price at the Producer’s level: a study in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh, J.P. Singh

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