Our Mandate

The mandate of MANAGE vests the institute with the responsibility to work in the following directions:

  • Developing linkages between prominent state, regional, national and international institutions concerned with agricultural extension management
  • Gaining insight into agricultural extension management systems and policies
  • Forging collaborative linkages with national and international institutions for sharing faculty resource
  • Developing and promoting application of modern management tools for improving the effectiveness of agricultural extension organizations
  • Organizing need based training for senior and middle level agricultural extension functionaries
  • Conducting problem oriented studies on agricultural extension management
  • Serving as an international documentation center for collecting, storing, processing and disseminating information on subjects related to agricultural management.

Core Values

  1. User friendliness
  2. Client-centered process consultancy
  3. Farmer-focused approach in all our professional services
  4. Interactive and experiential learning methodology
  5. Faculty development and networking with facilitators
  6. Determination to achieve financial self-reliance