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  • August, 2018 - Bulletin No.3 (Download) - Climate change, perception of different stakeholders, and impact of climate change: Mitigation and adaptation to climate change - What is Climate Smart Agriculture? - Why Climate Smart Agriculture? - Climate Smart Villages and services - Knowledge Management in CSA - ICTs in CSA - Policy support to Climate Smart Agriculture - Implications for Agricultural Extension - References

  • June, 2017 (Bulletin No. 2) (Download) - Agricultural Innovation Systems – A theoretical background - Terminologies and definitions related to AIS - Elements of AIS - How AIS works - Capacity development in AIS - Diagnostic assessment of AIS - Resource databases on AIS - Shortfalls of AIS - Implications for Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) - Restructuring ATMA for better convergence in India

  • March, 2017 - Bulletin No.1 (Download) - Networking and extension - Social media: What, why and how? - Challenges and opportunities of social media in extension - Social media in extension: Cases from India and around the globe - Organizational use of social media: Dos and don’ts - What’s the impact? - Social media analytics - Implications for agricultural extension - References - Annexure