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Organization Particulars

1. (a) Particulars of the Organisation functions and duties.

The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) is a registered society and an autonomous body under the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India. located at Rajendra nagar, Hyderabad –500 030, A.P. It is spread over an area of 42 acres of land.

The aims and objectives of MANAGE are :

  1. To develop systematic linkages between state, regional, national and international institutions of outstanding accomplishments in the field of Agricultural Extension Management;

  2. To gain overall insight into Agricultural Extension Management Systems and Policies together with operational problems and constraints at each step and stage;

  3. To identify, appreciate and develop modern management tools, techniques in problem-solving approaches and utilizing the mechanism of personnel management, resource management, input management and finally the conflict management at the organization level;

  4. To develop skills in organizing need based field programmes for training and retraining of senior and middle level functionaries for executing extension programme;

  5. To conduct programme oriented researches in the area of Agricultural extension Management as a sequel to provide feedback to training programmes. Such kind and types of researches will generally be undertaken on the recommendations and issues emanating from training and vice-versa;

  6. To serve as repository of ideas and develop information, regional, national and international, communication and documentation services etc., in regard to the subject of agricultural extension management.

  7. To forge linkages with national and international institutions under suggested programme of institutional collaboration and employment of consultants.

1 (b) MANAGE may;

  1. accept grants of money, securities or property of any kind and undertake and accept the management of any endowment, trust funds or donations not inconsistent with the objectives of the MANAGE, on such terms and conditions as may be fitted with the objects of the MANAGE and be prescribed by the Government of India from time to time.

  2. create administrative, technical, ministerial and other posts in the MANAGE and make appointments thereto in accordance with the rules and regulations of the MANAGE, provided that creation of an appointments to posts carrying a maximum pay exceeding Rs. 1600/- (pre-revised) or more per month requires the prior concurrence of Government of India;

  3. establish a Provident Fund for the benefit of the staff of the MANAGE or any other sections thereof;

  4. make rules and bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the MANAGE and add to amend vary or rescind them from time to time provided that pending formal adoption of separate service rules / bye-laws etc., by the MANAGE, the service conditions of the officers and employees of the MANAGE shall be regulated by the Government of India rules as amended from time to time;

  5. do all such other lawful acts and things either along or in conjunction with other organizations or persons as the MANAGE may consider necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

  6. to do all such lawful acts and things whether incidental to objectives in force or not as may be requisite in order to furtherance of the objectives of the MANAGE for study and research for Management of Agricultural Extension.

    1. Rules and Regulations

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