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Powers and duties of Officers and Employees

The organization is headed by a Director General who is appointed by the Govt. of India as the Principal Executive Officer of MANAGE and responsible for the proper administration of the affairs of MANAGE. He exercises powers under the direction and guidance of the Executive Council. He also prepares Annual Report and Annual Accounts of MANAGE;

The duty of the Director General is to coordinate and exercise general supervision over all the activities of MANAGE. He may delegate any of the powers conferred upon him to such officers of MANAGE working under him as may be considered necessary for effective and efficient functioning of the MANAGE.

Subject to the directions and guidance of the Executive Council the Director General has full powers on behalf of MANAGE, to Institute, conduct, intervene, defend abandon or compound any suit, appeal, review, revision, writ petition or other proceedings by or against MANAGE or its employees or otherwise concerning the affairs of MANAGE in any court and / or quasi judicial authorities, to refer any claims or demand by or against the MANAGE to arbitration and observe and perform the awards, to sign and verify plaints written statements. Execution and other petitions, applications, affidavits, objections, memorandum of appeal or other pleadings to be filed before any judicial or quasi judicial authorities or arbitrators to enforce judgment, execute any decree or order of any judicial / quasi judicial authorities or to satisfy the same and / or to realize or withdraw money from any court, persons or other authorities in execution of such decree or order and to sign vakalatnamas; all financial powers as delegated by the Executive Council;

The Director General is also competent on behalf of MANAGE to execute contracts, collaboration agreement(s) general / special instruments, service agreements / agreements containing arbitration clauses, indemnity bonds and deeds in respect of or connected with sale / lease / license, mortgage, hypothecation, pledge, or other deed(s) of a legal character of whatever description, power(s) of Attorney, to enforce guarantee(s) or any other legal rights, to incur legal expenses and to act as agent of the MANAGE for any purpose whatsoever relating to the affairs of the MANAGE.

In the absence of Director general on long leave, deputation in India or abroad or at the time of laying down office, arrangements to look after the duties of the Director General may be made by the Chairman of the Executive Council with the prior approval of the Government.

In the discharge of the functions allotted to the Director General he will be assisted by the Academic Officers such as Directors, Dy Directors, Asst. Directors and Research Associates and by the non academic Officers such as Administrative Officer, Finance Officer, Programme Officer supported by officials in Group B, C and D categories.

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