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MANAGE-AC&ABC invites nominations for the National Agripreneurship Award for the year 2023

Best Nodal Training Institutes and Agripreneurs under Agri-Clinics and Agri Business Centres Scheme will be awarded cash prizes!


Cash Awards for NTIs:

Cash Awards for Agripreneurs:

1st Prize - 3 lakhs

2nd Prize - 2 lakhs

3rd Prize - 1 lakh

1st Prize - 40,000/-

2nd Prize - 25,000/-

3rd Prize - 15,000/-


National Agripreneurship Award ceremony under the Agri-Clinics & Agri-Business Centres Scheme was completed up to the year 2022.

MANAGE is glad to announce that, Nominations are invited for National Agripreneurship Awards under the AC&ABC scheme for the year 2023.

Nodal Training Institutes at the National level and Agripreneurs at the State level will be awarded for the best performance of the year 2023 as per the eligibility criteria of AC&ABC Guidelines 2018.  (Download AC&ABC Guidelines)

Best NTI of the Year

Three best NTIs will be awarded at National Level. AC&ABC Award committee will select the Best Nodal Training Institute as per criteria.

Eligibility criteria of NTI:

  1. Should be an Active NTI for the last 3 years (must have completed at least 3 batches in each of the last 3 years)
  2. Should have trained at least 250 candidates during last 3 years
  3. Should have minimum 50% overall success rate in the last 3 years.
  4. Should be able to demonstrate qualitative success in terms of business excellence and extension services provided by documenting 25 highly successful cases of ventures established during the last 3 years. (Establishment of venture should be reported to MANAGE and uploaded to AC&ABC MIS portal)
  5. Should have updated MIS database on AC&ABC NIC portal with all respect

# Once awarded, an NTI may not be considered for award for next three years

(Download the details of the Selection Criteria for the Best NTI Awards)

Eligible NTIs should submit the application form along with the published document of 25 best success stories (book) for the last three years to MANAGE before the deadline. Success stories should be selected from the duration mentioned in the Criteria.

Applications Form for Best NTI:

Best Agripreneur of the Year

Three outstanding Agripreneurs will be selected for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes at state level as per AC&ABC Guidelines 2018.

Guidelines for awarding the Best Agripreneurs

  • Entries will be invited through MANAGE website. The application should consist of proof of outstanding achievements of the Agripreneur

  • Each NTI may nominate the five best Agripreneurs trained from their institutes in the format provided for the purpose on the MANAGE website. (Establishment of venture should be in the year 2022-2023, reported to MANAGE and uploaded to AC&ABC MIS portal)

  • MANAGE will short-list five best agripreneurs from each state (from among those States having at least 100 established ventures).

  • Once awarded Agripreneur may not be considered for this award again.


Number of Awards

i. One award/State - States having < 100 agri-ventures

ii. Two awards/State - States having 100 to 500 agri-ventures

iii. Three awards/State - States having > 500 agri-ventures.  


Awards shall carry the following cash prize besides a citation:

i. 1st Prize - ₹ 40,000/-

ii. 2nd Prize - ₹ 25,000/-

iii. 3rd Prize - ₹ 15,000/-


Criteria will include number of farmers benefited, intensity of benefit, employment created and strength of business model etc. as per the proforma given in Annexure XVIII. To attract women candidates, at least one award will be allotted to women candidates. If no woman candidate is found among the top 3 ranks, the woman candidate who scores the highest marks among the women candidates considered for the ranking, will be awarded under the women category.

(Download Selection Process- Best Agripreneurs)


Agripreneurs should submit their application along with supporting documents through the NTIs (If the NTI is active) under which they took AC&ABC training program.

Application Form of Best Agripreneur

Agripreneurs who completed AC&ABC training program from the NTI which is presently inactive/closed NTIs should directly submit their application through the link below.


Registration Link: 

  Last date for submission: 15th June 2023, 5.00 PM