MANAGE Library gives access to the following databases:


Prowess is a database of the financial performance of over 27,000 companies. It includes companies traded on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, unlisted public limited companies and private limited companies. The database is built from Annual Reports, quarterly financial statements, Stock Exchange feeds and other sources. There are over 3,500 data fields per company in Prowess. The database is normalised to enable inter-company and inter-temporal comparisons.

Commodities(earlier India harvest)

Commodities combines spot prices and market intelligence, historical fundamental data and forecasts for agricultural crops. Commodities delivers price data on 200 varieties of 70 commodities from 150 markets. Commodities provides time-series data on area, production, yield, value of output of agricultural crops and weekly updates on progress of sowing. Besides historical data, Commodities provides forecasts for area, production and yield of crops. These forecasts are generated by researchers at CMIE and are based on quantitative analysis and monitoring of prices, sowing and the weather. serves most comprehensive compilation of secondary level socio-economic statistical information about India and its states on various socio-economic parameters. These parameters are: General Info, Demographics, Economy, Agriculture, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Environment and Forest, Industries, Infrastructure, Companies, Education, Health, Housing, Labour& Workforce, Polity, Media, Insurance, Tourism, Crime & Law, Social Welfare & Developmental Schemes etc. provides secondary level socio-economic statistical information about India, its states, regions and sector. is a cluster of 56 associate websites wherein 19 websites are sector-specific, 6 are regional websites and 31 websites are state-specific.